Monthly Service Fee

    (Optional feature: Active Content Filtering)
Monthly residential access fee: $40 - 25Mbps download/5Mbps upload speed.

(Typical peak speeds in service area, which may be more or less depending on local conditions. Generally minimum peak download is 8Mbps and maximum is 50Mbps.)

Installation Cost

    Installation is at-cost.

Hardware: $125 for the standard radio/antenna (less in areas near source) + .20/ft for Cat5e cable from radio to computer + $15 for basic external antenna mount (if needed). Specialized antenna masts for unique situations, if required, are available at reasonable cost.


    Basic installation labor: Free
Multiple indoor computers may be networked for simultaneous internet access and file sharing, which could incur additional costs for additional Cat5e cable, switches, wireless access points, or Powerline Ethernet modules, depending on desired configuration. Custom-tailored installation options available upon request.

Free consultation and estimates.

Complimentary computer virus/malware test with installation.

Service Guarantee

    No hidden taxes or fees.
No undisclosed "regular price" that kicks in after a three month "introductory price".

No annual contracts. No early termination penalties.

No obligation. Adequate service levels are confirmed during the site survey and installation. If sufficient signal cannot be obtained at your location there is no charge.

Satisfaction guaranteed.